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Swim club files for bankruptcy

Image from A Rubber Door

The Valley swim club was accused of discriminating against minority children over the summer. Some black and Hispanic children said white club members made racist comments. The President, John Duesler said, “the youngsters had changed the atmosphere and complexion of the club.” and revoked their membership. Later Duesler said […]

Social Media – A cool tool.

I remember my father telling me stories about his good ‘ole days and wishing he could connect again with his lost friends. Which reminds me how people grow-up, get married, move away, have kids, carrying our friendships away like a leaf in the wind until one day you find yourself alone thinking.

Not only do […]

Why do women change after commitement?

As we all know, men have been making the statement, “Women change after we commit.” I’ve heard men complain from “My woman gained weight since we met,” or “She stopped wearing makeup,” or “She doesn’t put out anymore.” This has been a discussion for years from office talk to articles and books to reality shows. […]

A Beautiful Painting Can Have Many Colors

What would you do if you heard someone insulting another based on race? On NBC’s Dateline What would you do? They hired actors and staged a discrimination scene. The setting was an open house with a realtor (actor) telling a Muslim couple (actors), they “weren’t a good fit for the neighborhood” based on their race. […]