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Mom’s – Even the crazy ones!

I grew up in a broken home. Though I had a mother, my oldest sister and my father were my parents for the most part. My mom had a rough life. She was born to an abusive father, and was manically depressed. She was in and out of hospitals most of her life. Now, you’re […]


It’s 1977, and I just moved onto a newly developed, dead-end neighborhood; the kind that all the homes lookalike. Only a few homes are completed, and there is this one house across the dirt street with a family pulling into their driveway. It’s the Truschel’s. I didn’t realize at the moment, but I was introduced […]

In Memory

For Memorial Day, we are to remember our dead. For just a moment I want to express my love for this man, and how proud I am to be his daughter. He dedicated his life to his daughters. He was the most selfless and gentle man I know. My father was all things that […]

ATTENTION: New driver alert!

"Mom, can I have the car?"

"Ah, wait! I forgot my permit."

Remember when you were 16 how excited you were about driving for the first time? The feeling of one step

"It's hard to stay between the lines."

closer to freedom! Remember how impatient you were? Remember how anxious you were? […]