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Couch to 5k Last Week


This week was my last week of the NHS Couch to 5k training podcast. I’m running at 2.9 miles this week. Not quite 3.1, but close. So I don’t give up all my training over the past 2.5 months, I’m making a plan to continue to run three days a week. I want to build towards a 10k. Yep, I’m addicted.

Music is important. I noticed that if I didn’t like the song, I felt like giving up. However, if I like a song, I put a little extra effort into my step. I really need to choose carefully the songs I want to put on my iPod. Any suggestions? Please recommend some tunes in the comment section.

I haven’t run outside yet. I think it will be easier, and at the same time, I think it will be harder. It’s suppose to be 48 this weekend, so I shall give it a try.

I want to thank those who inspired me to get motivated.

Laura M. – an amazing, beautiful young woman who will probably be the First Lady someday. She introduced me to yoga and running. Thanks for helping me get healthy Miss Laura.

Lisa S. – a high school friend who motivated me through Facebook – seeing her running expedition posts make me strive to be healthier.

Jeannie G. – a long time friend who completed her 5k in the fall. Her finish line pics made me smile with excitement.

NHS Couch to 5K – British Laura was a great coach and inspired me to push through the pain. I highly recommend this podcast series.

I’ve met my goals, but Cancer Research still needs all the support it can get. Please donate to the Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure. Thanks for all your support to me and the boobies.

2 comments to Couch to 5k Last Week

  • ron

    From Rush: Marathon, Driven, One Little Victory, many more (ask if you want ’em)
    Enigma – Modern Crusaders
    Moby – Anthem, Bodyrock, and Oil 1
    Blue Man Group – Drumbone, Time to Start
    U2 – MOfo
    Queen – Ride the Wild Wind
    The Chemical Brothers – The Private Psychedelic Reel
    The Prodigy – Climbatize, Firestarter
    and many, many more.

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