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Couch to 5k Week 8

Day 1. Running at 5.0 for 2.68 miles. I didn’t use the incline this time. I actually think the runs are easier around 4PM than 6AM. Unfortunately, I’m not always home at 4. I really wasn’t in the mood to run today, but of course it got easier as I did it. I kept thinking, “Only two more weeks.” My Birthday is coming up soon and I’ve already told the Boy he is taking me to North Park Lounge for a big juicy burger with bacon and egg, cheese fries and some wings. Oh, and I will have a Pepsi and a few beers. Can’t wait to celebrate.

Day 2. Even though it’s the same run as Day 1, I’m not feeling it. I got up, dressed, and seem to have energy but once on the treadmill, I pooped out fast. I still pushed myself but I didn’t increase the speed until the last five minutes. I also don’t like the music as much this week. Not to mention, I have a lot of priorities on my mind today; so that’s probably not helping either. Nonetheless, here I am. I still feel great that I finished.

Day 3. My initial plan was to run Friday,Ā  but I wasn’t feeling too good in the morning. So, I pushed it until today. I also planned to run outside for the first time this season, but I’m not ready to run in the rain. So, I ran on the treadmill, and I’ve officially completely eight weeks of the Couch to 5k. I have only one more week, and better still, I will have finished right before my 44 Birthday. I’m pretty excited.

Side note: Time to start loading up my iPod for my first 5k. What would be good running music?

As always, thanks for your support to the boobies. Donate to Susan G. Komen, Race for the Cure.

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