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Photo of the Day

I got Mr. Rabbit and Madame Bunny a new chew log to help keep them from chewing on my furniture. So far, so good. Each morning, Mr. R. hops on over to start chewing on it and along comes Madame stomping her feet. Mr. R. moves aside and then she starts to chew. After five […]

Couch to 5k Training Week 3

I DID IT! I’ve ended my week 3. This week had more running with intervals of three minutes and 90 seconds – walk and running. It was easier at the beginning of the week, however, I was having trouble with motivation. It also seemed to get harder by the third day.

Day 1. I had […]

Couch to 5k Training Week 2

I did it! I got back on the treadmill after a two day rest. I was actually looking forward to it. It also helps to have lots of friends to encourage you along the journey, and I have the best. Thank you.

Day 4. I went from 60 seconds (last week) to 90 second intervals […]

Photo of the Day – Content Bunny

Madame Bunny is settling in for a nice nap after eating her dinner.

Photo of the Day – Mr. Rabbit claims his chair.

Couch to 5k Training Week 1

In January 2010, I said I was going to run my first 5k. Well, it didn’t happen, and to tell you the truth, I’m not sure if it’s going to happen this year either.

Motivation is such a hard thing to grasp, and to hold onto. I’m an on/off kind of smoker. I smoked when […]

Photo of the Day – Mr. Rabbit

Photo taken by me

In attempts to photograph Mr. Rabbit’s pink bunny lips, I capture this hilarious expression. It has a cartoonish flare.

No animals were hurt during the taking of these photos =)


Photo of the Day – Madame Bunny

Photo taken by Glen Green

Happy Anniversary

Well, the Boy and I lasted a year under the same roof. We don’t even fight. Perhaps a little rolling of the eyes, or a stomp of the foot once or twice, but no yelling. We genuinely get along – very well, I might add. I can honestly say, we laugh everyday.

I wonder if […]