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Finally getting better!

For almost the past week, I’ve been really sick, bed sick. I’ve had bronchitis, sinus infection, a fever and a touch of the flu bug. I’ve been off work for three days. When it rains, it pours.

I’m highly allergic to most antibiotics such as, Penicillin, Amoxicillin, and other related drugs. Mostly, I suffer through […]

Chicken soup – That’s all I’m asking.

But I’m too sick to cook it…

The past three days I’ve been really sick with Bronchitis and a sinus infection. Nothing new – I seem to get this during the change of seasons. Everyone’s heard the, “I brought you some chicken soup since I heard you weren’t feeling well.” line. Well, I’ve posted all […]

Haluski with a twist

I was inspired by a Facebook friend who last weekend made Haluski. I’m a lover of food, and more so, I love to cook. I actually can’t believe as much as I love Haluski and love to cook that I never made it. Today was the day, and it’s a beautiful fall day made […]

Cute Overload

Honey buns.

Bunny Culture

I’m sitting here watching Mr. Rabbit and Madame Bunny play and eat their morning greens while drinking my coffee when I realize….

Mr. Rabbit use to share his food all the time with Mrs. Rabbit. He would push the food to her, but with Madame Bunny he forces it out of her mouth with […]

San Francisco

This past July, I visited San Francisco – my first time. When we arrived, it was too early to check-in to our hotel, so we did a little walk around the neighborhood. Our first San Fran meal was pretty tasty. Great service, food and atmosphere at Grand Cafe – Brasserie and Bar (French Cuisine). […]

Good Intentions

The Boy and I decided to hit North Park for a relaxing bike ride after work. We go into the bike rental around 6:30. The rental attendant says that they close around 7 PM now that it’s getting darker, and if we could have the bikes back by then. Well, if you remember from our […]