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I think I can…

The Boy and I ventured out on Sunday to North Park. Recalling our recent canoeing trip, he says, “Want to get a tandem bike and fight?” I gave him a look (that only women can do) and we rented two bikes.

I thought, “This is going to be fun.” Not a half mile into it, […]

The romance of canoeing

The Boy and I decided to travel to Lake Arthur for a day on the water. Me, “Can we rent a pontoon boat?” Him, “No, I was thinking we’d get some exercise.” I thought, “Okay – I’ve been slacking much in the way of exercise – canoe it is!”

You know in the movies how […]

Bunny Lips

I absolutely adore bunny lips, and bunny bums. But the lips are my favorite – so pink and sweet. It’s even sweeter when they are munching on some greens. This is Madame Bunny. Though, she may seem like she’s having fun, she’s actually perturbed. I was able to snap a picture just […]

Saturday morning sleep in.

I had a really bad experience this morning. Sleeping fine, deep and relaxed but in the wee hours of trying to get past the weekday-wake-up-for-work-hours to the weekend-sleeping-in-hours, one of our three alarms goes off. I JUMP! Heart racing and startled, I think, “I’m late for work.” I’m halfway out of bed when I realize […]