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Little Victories

"I've had enough bonding for today. How about you?"

Day five…

Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit have made many small steps forward:

Mrs. Rabbit is approaching Mr. Rabbit more often. Her confidence is building.

"Can you please pass me the Cilantro?"

Both are eating together all the time. Even […]

Tale of Two

"You're going to post this on your blog, aren't you?"

Sunday was day two of Mr. & Mrs. Rabbit’s courtship. I think they genuinely like each other. Mr. Rabbit pushes food over to her, and he


stretches along side her with his chest out; he’s really saying, “You […]

Mr. Rabbit’s Homecoming

"Welcome Mr. Rabbit! Would you like a carrot?"

If you’ve read my blog I’ve introduced the Rabbit, and you know I’ve been in search of a playmate for her. It’s been several months but on April 18, we found a possible bonding bunny at the Animal Rescue League. Please donate.