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What’s your sign?

“Wo/Men are like horoscopes. They always tell you what to do and are usually wrong.” – Anonymous (I added the Wo so you can pick one)

Why do so many people believe in horoscopes? I, with wholehearted shame, admit I use to read mine […]

“It’s not a cage, it’s a condo!”

The Rabbit running down the ramp.

Pet rabbits can be kept in cages in the home, with some freedom to run free in the house (after thoroughly rabbit-proofing, of course). Rabbits take fairly well to litter training so we rabbit loving people […]

“Please sir, may I have another?”

Went to Pittsburgh’s South Side Mid-Winter Soup Walk fundraiser. Proceeds go to The Brashear Association food pantry. Many South Side retail businesses hookup with some of the restaurants and hand out free samples of soup – served up in a biodegradable dixie sized bowl and spoon. The bowl and spoon were made out of […]

A Beautiful Painting Can Have Many Colors

What would you do if you heard someone insulting another based on race? On NBC’s Dateline What would you do? They hired actors and staged a discrimination scene. The setting was an open house with a realtor (actor) telling a Muslim couple (actors), they “weren’t a good fit for the neighborhood” based on their race. […]

The Rabbit Introduction

The Rabbit

Let me introduce you to the rabbit. She’s cuddly, friendly and best of all litter trained! She snacks on spinach and carrots and timothy hay. She turns into the ‘crack’ bunny when I give her a yogurt chip. It seems she loses all control when she gets one sniff. I’m like that […]

Feeling Frisky

The past month, I’ve been dieting and getting back into shape. Damn, it’s a bitch to get started everyday but afterwards I feel tired and go to sleep. Sleeping very well, I might add. This week scale read 1 something (not going to share) but I’ve lost 17 pounds. Not that I am extremely overweight; […]

Oh God! NOW I need to write something.

I’ve actually had this site for a year. The boy bought my name as a birthday gift. It was meant to teach me how to manage and create websites, however, the year went by so quickly. Recently, the boy started training me. I’m learning a little bit about all kinds of techy things. We spent […]

Hello World

This is my new and improved website.